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Background Information

The Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) comprises four Non Governmental Organizations in the Rwenzori region, namely, KALI , Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development (GHFRD), Ride Africa (formerly Integrated Women Development Programme (IWDP)) and Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RICNET).


Our Objectives:

  • To strengthen the capacity of citizens, particularly the poor women and men, and the local governments in the Rwenzori region, to effectively and sustainably utilize and conserve the abundant environmental and natural resources to create wealth and ensure household food and income security.
  • To strengthen the capacity of citizens, local governments and community institutions to peacefully resolve conflicts and put in place mechanisms for sustainable peace and reconciliation.
  • To enhance the civic competence of ordinary citizens to engage in governance and democratic processes to ensure that government policies result in improved socio-economic well-being.
  • To create, strengthen and facilitate forums and platforms for citizens and leaders to engage in planning and feedback processes
  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of RWECO, its member organizations and their community based civic groups to mobilize citizens and facilitate processes that result into socio-economic transformation of the lives of the poor women and men.



“RWECO exists to enhance the civic competence to demand for voice and accountability in governance and service delivery through meaningful and principled engagement between citizens and the state”.


“RWECO envisages a peaceful, democratic state with prosperous citizenry”.

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Our Contacts

Rwenzori Consortium for Civic competence (RWECO)
P.O BOX 539, Kasese
Dr. Henry Bwambale Road
Muserero House, Kasese Municipality
Tel: +25648344037/0772184582